Guide to Choosing an Industrial Floor Scrubber

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When it comes to industrial floor scrubber machines used in cleaning commercial spaces, you need to consider the size of the area before anything else.  Most of the time, an automatic floor scrubber will suffice for areas with 50,000 square feet or less, but you’ll need a ride on sweeper if the area that requires cleaning is bigger than this.

Know What Your Company Needs

If you still don’t know which floor scrubber machine to get, you need to really assess the needs of your company. Let’s discuss the important factors in picking an industrial floor scrubber like Minimag:

1.  Type of Area Being Cleaned

People often base the size they need on the biggest area or room to be cleaned. This isn’t always the right thing to do. You should evaluate all of the areas so that you can use the machine in all the required areas instead of doing the cleaning manually. This will help you save time and money in the long run.

2. Door Widths

You need to carefully evaluate the floor scrubber width so that they fit your doorway. Check the specifications of the machine prior to buying it.

3. Drain and Refill Locations

These scrubbers can hold water so it’s crucial that you consider where you will drain and refill the machine as this may pose a challenge for some facilities. There are also machines that have special fittings and longer drain hoses.

4. Charging Areas

Automatic floor scrubbers can be plugged into any typical outlet.  However some utilize more power than others. Don’t overload the circuit when the machine is plugged in and pick a charging area that is well ventilated especially if you’re using older models. 

5. Storage

If you are not using your machine, you’ll need to store it someplace. Consider how much storage you have available before picking your automatic scrubber or carpet cleaner. Additionally, it must be stored in a safe place so that unauthorized individuals won’t have access to it.

Once you have identified the answers to these questions, then it will be easier to narrow down your options.

Cleaning Machine Maintenance Needs

Whether it is a floor scrubber or carpet cleaner repair is still going to be inevitable in the future. But in order to prevent it from getting damaged, you need to properly care for your cleaning machines.

Simple maintenance can ensure a commercial cleaning machine will last a long time. Clean the cleaning machine after every shift by emptying hoses and tanks to keep water from becoming stagnant inside. You should also allow batteries to run out on their own to further extend their battery life.

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