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Seems as if when it comes to weddings, the bride and her mother do the lions share of the work. However, that doesnt mean the groom has no responsibilities. These days, in fact, modern grooms have become more and more involved in the wedding planning process.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that have always appeared on the grooms checklist. So, if youre a future groom, here are a few reminders.

Select your groomsmen Often, the first thing a man does after his engagement is choose his bridal party attendants. Select your best man first and then select the proper number of groomsmen/ushers to match the number of bridesmaids, if possible.

Make a guest list The brides family will need you to make a list of family and friends to be invited to the festivities, including perhaps an engagement party. Make sure you do this in a timely manner after consultation with your parents.

Plan the honeymoon Some grooms surprise their new wife with a honeymoon shes always dreamed about. Others plan the trip in collaboration with the bride. Whichever way you choose to do it, remember that you should take responsibility for booking reservations, etc. Many couples make plans on their own through internet travel sites but for a stress-free trip, you might want to consult an experienced travel planner.

Choose the wedding ring You may have done this when you chose the engagement ring, but if not, be sure to do it at least 3 months before the ceremony to allow for sizing and engraving.

Choose tuxes Go with your best manto choose the attire for your wedding. Then arrange for your groomsmen to be fitted as well. Be sure to ask the brides opinion so that your outfits are coordinated with those of the bridesmaids.

Choose groomsmen gifts Remember to honor your groomsmen with thank you gifts for helping you with the wedding. Personalized gifts are the rage these days. Choose from a number of options from beer steins to travel gear.

Help your parents plan the rehearsal dinner Traditionally, the grooms family pays for the rehearsal dinner. Help your parents coordinate this, especially if they live out of town, by suggesting appropriate restaurants, etc.

Take care of fees Be sure that you have envelopes ready for the big day that will contain fees for the officiant, musicians, etc. Give these to the best man and let him take care of paying these individuals on the wedding day or at the rehearsal.

Most of all, enjoy your special day!

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