Golf Fitness: Pregame Stretches

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Face itYou may be the greatest golfer of all of your friends. You may be able to make shots that seem almost impossible, or be able to putt balls into just about any hole. But one day recently, when you leaned over to pick up a golf ball, your back cracked and pulled out.  What are you supposed to do for your golf game now?
As a golfer, you need to take care of your muscles. By completing a pre-game stretch, you will be able to reduce the chance of injury that you may incur during your goof game. You will also be able to get more blood into your muscles, which will enable you to perform better.  Lets take a look at the exercises that you need to do to be your best on the golf course:
Arm Swings:
Enable your arms to stay straight. Then, slowly cross your arms in front of your body, spreading shoulder blades apart. After this, slowly swing your arms out to the side while squeezing your shoulder blades together.
Arm Circles:
Try to keep your arms straight. Slowly circle your left arm up, back, and then down. Repeat this process on your right arm.
Step Sideways:
In order to complete this exercise, move your right foot out and back, and then your left foot out and back.
Partial Squats:
Stand up and put your feet hip-width apart. Then, put your hands on your hips. Bend from your hips and slowly sit back, trying not to go lower than 10 inches.
As you stretch more and more, you will notice that this stretching increases the flexibility in your golfing muscles. To stretch properly, bend slowly and gently to the point of mild tension. For the best results, hold each of your stretches for 10 to 30 seconds.
Lower Back:
To work on your lower back muscles, you should sit with good posture on a bench or golf cart seat. Then, turn to your right to a point of mild tension. If this position feels comfortable, then grab the back of your seat, while keeping your feet on the floor. Continue to hold this position.
Sit down. Cross your right leg over your left leg, so that your right ankle is resting on your left knee. Keep your back straight. Then, lean forward into a comfortable position. Hold yourself in this position, and then repeat the process using the other side of your body. 

Extend your left leg out. Keep your knee straight on a bench or golf cart seat. Keep your back straight and your chin up. Then, slowly reach toward your toes. You should hold this position, and then repeat it using your other leg.
Chest and Shoulders:
Stand up straight with your best posture. Hold a golf club horizontally behind your back with both of your hands facing outward. Slowly raise your arms until you feel a mild stretch in your chest and shoulders. Do not lean forward. 

If you wish to have the utmost flexibility in the future, you need to stretch after your strength-training workout. You need to make sure that your connective tissues and muscles are completely warmed up.

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