Golf Club Shafts and Grips: The Basics

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If you are new to the game of golf, or if you simply dont know too much about the game in general, there are several areas that you should understand before you decide to step out onto the green. Some of the important things you need to understand include golf club shafts and grips. These two parts of your golf club can either make or break your golf game. After all, how can one possibly play a good game of golf without having a properly and well-made shaft and grip? So, lets take a closer look at these elements of a golf club.
The Golf Club Shaft:
Think about it: all cars and trucks have engines. So, in the same way, a golf club also has an engine. This engine is called the shaft. The golf club shaft is basically a tube that is made of materials such as metal, steel, or graphite. The shaft is the main part of your golf club that you hold on to when you are playing.
And then there is the flex. The flex in your golf shaft describes the ability that your shaft has to bend when you swing it. There are several kinds of shafts that you golf club can have, depending on your preferences when you bought it. A golf club shaft can be extra stiff (X), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A for amateur), and ladies (L).
No matter what type of flex your shaft has, it will automatically impact your trajectory, distance, and accuracy. To get the most of what you can get from you shaft, you must hit the ball square, with the face of the club. This needs to be done while focusing your aim in a completely straight line. This way, you will be able to make contact with the ball, and make it in the best way possible.
The Golf Club Grip:
You can find the golf club grip at the opposite end as the golf club head. The golf club grip is typically covered with rubber, leather, or synthetic leather covering for you to hold on to. Most modern clubs have extravagantly comfortable grips for layers to hold one to. When it comes to the golf cub grip, it is all about comfort.
The Grip:
The end of the shaft opposite the head is covered either with a rubber, synthetic leather, or colloquially, a leather grip for the player to hold. The modern grip has also undergone a number of changes and the vast variety of models makes it far easier for a discriminating golfer to find a model that is comfortable to him or her.
With a great golf shaft as well as a super golf grip, you will certainly be set to play your best golf ever. Remember to stay on top of your game by replacing or keeping up on your shaft and grips. You will be glad you did when you step out onto the green!
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