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Glowing with healthy beauty being beautiful and radiant is now very easy to maintain. As because the best look is exposed. It is all about a healthy glow and fresh skin. Go easy on the foundation for a natural look. A highlighted moisturizer will provide a wash of colour while still letting the skin breathe. Look for one with SPF protection for extra protection from UV rays as sunscreen. For a dewy look, avoid powder and foundation. But to look fresh for more coverage to achieve the look of perfect summer skin makeup artist recommends choosing a foundation with a natural-looking finish and not powdery. Use a sponge to thin out the foundation and remember that two thin applications are better than a single heavy one. Try to makeup the coverage only where one needs it. Put the best face forward in the workplace with water-based foundations and lightweight powders that offer sheer but effective coverage. Even if the person is indoors all day, one can maintain that beautiful and fresh glow with a face powder that offers a bit of radiance and glitter that gives it a finishing touch for looking gorgeous.
Add shine in face
Glimmer makeup artist says that anything that has shimmer and shine makes the person look like someone turned to the light of makeup from inside as well. And the best place to start is with a highlighter in a shimmering, bronzy shade. Glimmer punch or the powder in pearl for lighter skin tones and yellow gold for darker skin should be used carefully on the cheekbones, brow bone and chin. As per experts sunlit glimmer for day makeup and highlighter in smashing bronze will give areas on both face and body a delicate, sensuous sheen.
Glimmer makeup
All the beauty experts suggest or give tips for adding glimmer to everyday makeup to carry the person from daytime into nighttime. Just a dab of shimmer or glimmer can be used to convert the makeup from daytime to nighttime. Eve older women should use a creamier base with glimmer, which could emphasize fine lines. One pot of shimmer or glimmer mixes well with body moisturizer, eye shadow, lip-gloss and nail polish can fulfills the need of that dazzling look. There is no need to buy separate shimmer products for different purpose only one pot can do that. White and bronze shimmers are the most versatile and used daily bases, while silver and gold shimmers give a bold look.

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