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There are many activities that one can perform on the Internet. One of these is to shop. There are millions of e-commerce websites where you can buy products online. Normally, to view these websites, you have to look them up in one of the general purpose search engines. This type of search will yield results containing links to online products as well as other pages. This mixture makes it challenging to pick out and purchase a product. Thus, there is a new search engine that is specially constructed to help you find only products that are for sale on the Internet.

An essential resource for online shopping

Known as, this is a search engine that returns results containing products that are for sale on the Internet. It is fast and very powerful. The search engine gives you access to thousands of products made by a huge variety of brands. There are over 600 different brands in this search engine. Examples of these brands are Saks, Invicta, Nordstrom and Walmart. 

This search engine provides you with the freedom to perform a number of actions. These include finding, collecting and sharing products on the Internet. It has tools and features that allow you to search for items, watch their prices and compare these prices as well. 

The Yroo shopping search engine connects shoppers directly to the brand websites. This means that you are shopping directly from the brand's website whenever you use this search engine. As a result, if you already have points or subscriptions in the brand's website, they are still accessible through this search engine. The search engine is also capable of alerting you in case the price of an item drops. 

It is easy to begin using this search engine. All that you need is an account in the website. You can open up an account in the search engine with a few steps. Once you have entered all your details, ensure that you confirm the account. The system sends you an email with the link that you can use to confirm it. 

The Yroo shopping search engine also allows you to subscribe to offers and promotions for the products in its catalog. These subscriptions show up in your profile. In addition to that, you can manage them using the profile options.

Characteristics of this shopping search engine

This search engine has a number of unique characteristics. They are:

1. A point reward system

2. Protection for your personal data

The Yroo point reward system

One of the features of this search engine is that you can earn points once you join. After signing up and creating an account, you are immediately awarded some points. Once you connect your account to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you earn even more points. You can then redeem these points for cash. As such, you can earn money while shopping on 

Personal data is protected

While shopping on the Internet, you are required to enter some personal details such as credit card numbers and personal postal address. This search engine protects this information with encryption. As such, you are safe from hackers as you shop.


Today, you can shop from the comfort of your couch. Yroo will help you to accomplish this easily. It is the ideal search engine for online shoppers.

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