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Proper care is the key to preserving the life of your furniture.  Wood is a living, breathing substance and needs to be kept at room temperature with good humidity.  Dry conditions will induce shrinkage causing the wood to split.  Do not place your furniture near, or on heating components such as registers, or wood burners.  Make sure there is plenty of moisture in the air during the winter months when heating elements are commonly used.  We suggest using a humidifier if you feel your surroundings may not have enough humidity.  Doing so, will eliminate shrinkage and splitting.

Do not use substances to clean your furniture.  A warm damp cloth should be used to wipe the surface as needed.  A dry soft cloth can be used to buff the surface to replenish the luster if desired.Remember, these products are made from solid wood, even with proper care, splitting and cracking can occur.  This is not a structural problem and will not effect the durability of the piece.  This natural process will add to the authenticity of the furniture.

In order to correct a scratch or ding, you must apply a small amount of wood stain over the damaged area and blend with a dry cloth.  This process will restore your product to the original state.
Basic Care for Wood Furniture

There are some basic precautions you can take to care for your hand carved furniture. It only takes a small effort to make sure your furniture lasts for a long time:
• Keep handmade wooden furniture away from heaters, radiators and avoid exposure to prolonged periods of strong sunlight. Heat and sunlight can dry out wood furniture.
• Use felt-bottomed wood coasters to protect solid wood furniture from water rings. Metal and paper coasters can cause condensation.
• Don't put hot objects directly on handmade carved or solid wood furniture. Heat can damage the finish. Use a tablecloth, serving plate, coasters or placemats when serving hot foods or beverages.
Best Ways to Clean Wood Furniture
Regular cleanings keep your handmade wooden furniture looking beautiful and help protect it, too. Cosmos furniture is protected with at least three coats of finish, making maintenance easy to do:
• To clean your handmade wooden furniture, wipe gently over the surface of the wood once a week using a dry cloth.
• For stains and spills, wipe in the direction of the wood grain using a slightly damp cloth.
• Cosmos advises against using commercial lemon oil to clean your hand carved furniture. Lemon oil provides a nice shine, but most products contain kerosene, which can harm the wood's finish.
• Nicks and scratches may appear on handmade wooden furniture over time. Cosmos suggests using touch up markers to fix worn areas. Use a color slightly lighter than the wood finish and apply until the scratch blends in with the rest of the wood.
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