Freestanding Waterfall

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The freestanding waterfall is nothing but fountains. These fountains or waterfall can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on ones choice. It is believed that the soothing sound of waterfall helps to focus the mind and bring the tranquility of a mountain stream into any room whether in the home or office. Fountains whether it is wall mounted or any indoor fountains can make an impact that will transform the spaces it is installed. The fountains are made to give the enjoyment of the visual beauty and the delightful water sounds.

Types of Freestanding Waterfalls

There are different types of waterfall ranging from indoor, outdoor waterfalls. Some of the popular freestanding waterfalls include the following

1. Outdoor and indoor portable freestanding waterfalls.
2. Freestanding glass backyard waterfalls
3. Freestanding rock waterfalls.

Freestanding Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are an indoor waterfall that is hand crafted. This waterfall can be custom made as per the requirements of the customer. The customer can choose from several material and color options. The base and top of this fountain can be ordered in any four colors bronze, copper, pewter, and black. This rock waterfall is classy and will blend with any room setting. The frame of this waterfalls is copper, patina or aluminum, the filler is river rock. Rock waterfalls come in finishes of two metals, two rock styles, and four trims. The skilled artists make these rock waterfalls. The rocks and pebbles are natural ones.

Outdoor/Indoor Mirror Freestanding Waterfall

The outdoor or indoor freestanding waterfall brings the outdoor into any interior space with the lovely water garden waterfalls. The fountain is made of durable fiberglass and is weather resistant. The freestanding waterfall features silver textures with sand cast finish and copper stone frame. The sound of water falling will bring harmony and peace into any room. The water flows down a glass mirrored panel that is textured to create a dancing water effect. This Mirror Water garden freestanding waterfall can be used indoors or outdoors - patio or garden and this would create a peaceful ambiance.

There are many freestanding waterfalls to choose from. The popular ones are mentioned above and others are bronze textured mirror with bronze frames, the indoor or outdoor waterfall with etched bamboo on clear glass with dark copper frame and so on.

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