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Water fountains bring a sample of nature’s flowing water into our built environment - from hotel atrium to living room. They add visual and audible interest to any setting and remind one of the waterfalls, creeks, and oceans. Floor fountains are larger, freestanding units designed to be placed on the floor, not on a table. They often serve as a focal point in a room.
Something More Floor Fountains
Floor fountains are similar to the tabletop fountain. However, because of their overall size and height and weight, the floor fountains are intended to be placed on the floor and not on a table or other elevated supporting surface. The height of the fountain can be judged by stacking some boxes up in the location where the fountain going to be fixed. The height and weight of some models are available in the transitional range; these models can be placed on the elevated surface or on the floor, depending on the circumstances. Some floor fountain models can be used outdoors too.
Different Materials of Floor Fountains
There is a large selection of floor fountains that are available to satisfy any budget and tastes. Some of the stunning designs of the floor fountains are craved out of the materials like
1. Marble
2. Precious stone
3. Copper
4. Glass
5. Slate
6. Acrylic

Artesian Springs Floor Fountain from Adagio

This floor fountain is made from slate that is quarried and shipped from India. This fountain is known for its beauty and classic shape. The slate fountain is hand cut and world-renowned for it’s beauty and elegance. The water features of this floor fountain will bring harmony and tranquility of nature into one’s home. The fountain is sealed with an automotive-quality clear coat making the Adagio Artesian Springs suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, if it is for outdoor use, it is recommended that the fountain be semi covered by an awning. The choices of the Artesian Springs are stainless steel with green slate or rustic look of copper with rajah slate. This fountain comes with three lights and the water sound is medium. The shape of the floor fountain is in triangular.

The prices of the floor fountain starts from $400 and can go upto $ 2500.
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