Five things to be considered on selection portable ultrasonic flow meters

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When it comes to measuring the flow of water, specifically the wastewater, a portable ultrasonic flow meter is the most considered gadget for the job. The gadget uses ultrasonic waves in water to calculate water circulation. Portable ultrasonic flow meters have given the upper hand compared to the mainstream physical meters simply because they are easy to maintain and because of their simple mechanical layout, they are durable. Ultrasonic meters are also ideal for measuring highly corrosive fluids where material compatibility may be an issue. Ultrasonic flow meters are installed from outside fluid pipes and use the ultrasonic transit time technique to determine the rate of flow.

If the need arises for measuring amounts of muddy fluids on a regular basis, then these volumetric circulation meters come in handy. It is of the essence to note that these gadgets only function in waters with particulates. The recommended size of the particulates should be at least 100 microns with no bubbles in the water. The flow of murky water with particles should be at least 100 particles per minute. The volumetric circulation meters will not perform accurately if the wastewater has heavy coagulated. Dense particles will definitely prevent the ultrasound dunes from moving through the fluid.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency from the ultrasonic movement meter, one needs to decide on an excellent performing machine. With various industrial firms manufacturing the gadgets, there are still many of them are bringing less worthy devices to the market. Therefore, the following factors must be considered when selecting portable ultrasonic flow meters:

A handheld monitor is considered for measuring dimensions from time to time.

  • A steady process monitor is a fixed type and is needed when you have to constantly check for water flow for a widespread period.
  • The maximum and minimum rates of flow also need to be considered. The same goes for process force and process heat that the meter will have to measure.
  • The size of the fluid tube is also an important element to consider
  • You also have a choice to select between analogue and digital results.

Selecting the appropriate ultrasonic flow meter is a factor to consider as the same goes for its usage. It is extremely important to purchase ultrasonic flow meter from a trusted supplier to ensure that you benefit from aftermarket services such as spares and repairs. Ultrasonic flow meters are intended to be used for long term basis hence the aftermarket support is very vital. The organization that you intend to buy the meters from should also offer you the range of meters to select from so that you choose the kind that suits your needs and requirements. Specifications of the ultrasonic meters may differ with intended use. The chosen supplier should educate and advise clients on capacities, efficiency and usage of the variety of meters. This will automatically lead to informed consent from the client.

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