Five Simple and Easy Steps of Creating Web 2.0 Logo PSD

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A brand mark identity can be the best way to define what a company is all about that is why, business owners, today are running to get their unique corporate identity. The concept of a logo design is around for centuries which keep on changing its face with time.

There was a time when animated logo designs became one of the top demands of the market but now the latest logo fashion in the market is of web 2.0 logo PSD.

PSD is an acronym for Photoshop. It is a soft ware which is often used by small business owners to get their brand mark identity for free. Even many professional graphic designers often prefer using Photoshop to design their client's business identity. Therefore, we are giving you a simple tutorial to come up with web 2.0 logo.

First step: How to begin?

Open a new document with a black background.

Second step: How to insert text?

Go for the Type/Text Tool and type the name of your website or the name you want to use in your brand mark identity. When you are done with the text, resize it as per your requirement and place it in the centre.

Third step: How to use blending options?

You can double click on the text layer to open blending options. Its up to you to select which blending option will suit your requirement; however, we can provide you some ideas. For stroke, you can use the color number 0052D9 while for gradient you should play around with different colors to get the one you want for your business identity. Once you are done with the color selection, you can preview the image to see if you have really achieved what you wanted or not.

Fourth step: How to insert an image or icon?

You will easily find the image button to add your desired image or icon in your corporate identity. Images should be in accordance with the business nature and the text you have employed in your logo design. Have you seen Twitter's brand mark which has a bird's image that totally comprehends with the text used in its logo? You should also try to make it look as interesting as possible to stimulate readers.

Fifth step: How to give a final touch?

Provide a glow in the background and some reflections to make it look more interesting. It is very easy to do, you just have to select from the options given in the tab.

You can now preview the final outcome and see if you want to make further changes to it or not. This option is definitely better than web 2.0 logo templates which are used by thousands of the business owners. Furthermore, if you are still not satisfied, you can always go for a professional graphic designer's help to get your unique corporate identity.

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