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Although 96.6% of all child deliveries go smoothly and stress-free there are cases when several types of complications may arise. The outcome is most commonly a baby injury or miscarriage. In some cases this is due to hormonal misbalance or pregnancy complications which arise. In a very few cases, on the other hand, the harm is caused by a doctor or the failure of a doctor to do the necessary in order to save the child or mother from birth complications. These cases are classified as medical negligence and are treated by law as personal injury accidents, which are also negligence cases.

When the harm of a baby or its mother was avoidable the parents have the legal right to pursue a financial and other compensation from the hospital, clinic, medical institution, or doctor at fault. The legal rights of the baby as well as its mother and father are fully safeguarded by the US negligence law. Of course, in order to have someone to guide you through the long way towards obtaining the compensation which is rightfully yours you will need the assistance of a knowledgeable and reliable personal injury attorney. Hurry up to get one before you do or say something wrongfully and ruin your case.

The Main Types of Birth Injury Cases

 There are several types of birth injury cases but there are two main ones which we will discuss today.

  1. A situation when the doctor was at fault because he/she failed to assess or respond to certain conditions. E.g.: Your doctor may not successfully recognize any pregnancy disorders that you have on time. Other cases include failure to perform a caesarean section professionally and improper use of medical devices. A medical malpractice case concerning such issues can arise from a claim against the clinic where the delivery took place, the particular doctor, and all the other practitioners involved.
  2. Injuries due to prenatal care - that includes prescribing the wrong drugs. E.g. If a drug is prescribed to a pregnant woman by an inexperienced pharmacist or doctor it may cause in injury to the mother-to-be. In such case the party to be held at fault may not only be the doctor or pharmacist but the drug manufacturing company as well.

If you are interested to learn more about birth injury cases or seek a skilful attorney you may read our post tomorrow or call the specialists of 855-WIN-THE-CASE in order to be redirected to an expert medical malpractice lawyer in your town!


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