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  Harshada Jadhav    May 10, 2016    648


Twenty first century has witnessed major churning of economic, social and corporate systems. Globalization has become the buzzword in all spheres of life. Many fields, like personal hygiene and sanitation, hitherto considered as unapproachable, have seen major developments. Corporate interests have seen enormous progress in these domains. The field of sanitation is now being extensively studied, thereby resulting in changeover in social concepts. A few decades back, the concept of portability of toilets was unthinkable.  Now there are visible changes in approaches to these subjects.

Newer philosophies have emerged in the markets. These new happenings have revolutionized the thinking process. Now the concept of mobile toilets has received social approval. Very extensive research activities have seen the improvements in portable sanitation systems. There are distinct advantages in going for mobile toilets, when outdoors. If a family or a group of people needs to go and stay outdoors, the greatest need is felt for sanitation requirements. The mobile toilets on rent are available. These entities serve the exact purpose, they are meant for. Mobile toilets on hire are available, thereby avoiding the rigors of constructing them by oneself.

The very idea of outsourcing of sanitation facility proved very novel. People did feel the need for such services, but did not know whom to approach. Many a times situations arose when a particular event was to take place outdoors, where a significant number of people were expected to attend. In such events, the organizers felt that the task of attending to sanitation needs of people proved to be most challenging. Eventually solutions were found to such problems. Such units, when placed at outdoor gatherings, prove to be very useful. The arrangement of mobile toilet rental became very popular tool to address the requirements of members of big gatherings.

Expertise in managing these mobile toilet systems increased with the passage of time and eventually became an efficient tool to meet people’s needs of hygiene and sanitation. Nowadays a whole range of sanitation systems is available for meeting appropriate needs of people at an event or at a gathering, organized outdoors. Urinals, showers, hand wash stations. Many variants are selected by people as per their choice and needs. Some people can even choose luxurious containerized complete systems. These luxury models can have temperature control with air conditioning and can even have lockers inside. More and more options are available for mobile toilets on hire. These systems are put in service for government, corporate events. The utility of such service is best harnessed in managing the needs of disaster affected people or for the benefit of temporary relocated people.

Use of mobile toilet rental helps in keeping the environment clean. Deodorizers are used in mobile toilets. Many eco-friendly substances are in use in such systems to reduce foul smell. Disposal of waste is efficiently managed through use of smart technological gadgets. Large sections of the population are now accustomed to utilize these systems. More and more people are experiencing the feeling of convenience through the use of novel techniques. One day mobile toilets would be used by all the needy at affordable costs.

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