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We are a USA Based Company specializing in the wholesale supplies of Professional Eyelash Extension Products and tools to both the Trade and Public. We sell our products in bulk so are able to give a wide range of eyelash extension products and eyelash extension supplies wholesale at extremely competitive prices.

We also supply a full range of eyelash extension products such as eyelash extension glues, glue removers, Eyelash Extension Tools, BULK TYPE LASH 1 gram, micropore tape, mascara brushes, tweezers, jade stones, sealants, Mink Eyelash Extension Tray, eyelash extension training kits, Eyelash Extension Scissors, and much more.

You can access all of our products such as Eyelash Extension Trays, Eyelash Growth Serum, and eyelash extension glue in our online shop through our Home Page of Thelashlabs.com. Or feel free to browse specific product categories on the left side of the screen or by using the specific links below.

Eyelash extensions should look and feel like your natural lashes - that is, to the untrained eye, you should not be able to tell that your lashes aren't your own natural lashes. Our elite, innovative Eyelash extension products can increase and transform limp, lack-lustre, short, thin eyelashes by 200%.

You can happily leave your eyelash curlers on the side, unlike other lashes on the market, they are pre-curled, to give the eye, a more open and youthful appearance. The technique isolates one lash at a time, working individually on every row of lashes, to ensure a natural and beautiful extension to your existing lashes.

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic lashes that are curved to replicate your natural lashes. This differs from cluster lashes where 3 or 4 strands of lashes fan out from a "bulb" at the bottom. Cluster lashes are often heavy and difficult to blend in with your natural lashes, giving a very unnatural look. The prices charged for cluster lashes in salons are often much cheaper than individual eyelash extensions, however the quality and finish and longevity are often substandard.

Our most popular Eyelash Extension Glue is the Neicha's Ultimate Glue. It's a great price point first of all, some glues are upwards of $200 and also very finicky with temperature during storage. This glue does not have to be refrigerated. It has an approximate 5 week bond life, give or take, which is awesome and certainly on the upper end of any competitors. It has a super fast dry time, so be prepared. If you haven't gotten the technique quite down yet, you may want to try slower drying glue such as the Neicha's Mega Bonding. The ease of use of any product is paramount and this adhesive makes my job so much easier. Cutting down on procedure time allows me to book more clients in a day, which in turns makes me more money, and the long bond life keeps customers satisfied and coming back.

The Lash Labs is an online website that sells professional Eyes lash extensions manufacturer. We also provide Eyelash extension training Kit to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. We sell eyelash extension wholesale and retail.

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