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Curling the eyelashes causes the eyes to look wide and bright. Eyelash curlers are of two types of materials metal and plastic. The pads on the curler should be ideally replaced every couple of months. Using an eyelash curler in cold state can retain the curl for a small period of time. So for optimum results, heat the eyelash curler using a blow dryer for maximum five seconds.

Procedure for using Eyelash curler

The first step is to ensure that the eyelashes are free of mascara. The eye makeup remover may be felt necessary to detach old mascara. This is performed as eyelash curlers provide optimum results on clean eyelashes. Also, if present mascara causes the eyelashes to be attached to the eyelash curler and may be uprooted. Use a blow dryer to heat the eyelash curler, upto a maximum of five seconds. Now, cool the eyelash curler, as we dont intend to burn the eyelid. Now, open the curler and clamp eyelashes close to the roots. This is the process to be observed for both eyes. It is very simple to perform and should require three minutes. Each eyelash must be bent at equal distance from the root. This results in a natural eye-opening curve.

Classification of Eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers are classified into three types. The Heated Eyelash curler operates on a battery and has a silicon pad, which is responsive to temperature and indicates that it is ready to be used by a color change. To use it, introduce the necessary size and quantity of batteries. Then, a lever has to be pulled to put on a green light. When the silicon pad changes color, it indicates it is ready for use. The eyelashes have to be set in 10-15 seconds. This process has to be repeated till all eyelashes are curled. Heat is the key to retain the curl of eyelashes for a long span of time. The Mini Eyelash curler is a petite design in which the eyelashes are held for fifteen seconds per section and are worked from the outer end towards the inner. The Refill Eyelash curler has extra silicone refill pad. These pads are non-sticky and enable to curl the eyelashes even after application of mascara.

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