External Blinds - What Are the Options?

  Emma Lopez    May 1, 2021    416


What are the best options available out there, that give you protection from the sun as well as the privacy that you need?

Here are a few options of outdoor blinds and shutters that are very popular.

Straight Drop Awnings – This type of outdoor blind is ideal for covering verandas, patios, pergolas or decks, and for creating an outdoor entertainment area. They protect you from harmful UV rays and give you the privacy that you need, while still letting in the cool breeze. They are also great at providing protection from other extreme weather conditions and can be used throughout the year. Straight Drop Awnings in Sydney are a very popular type of outdoor blind.

Roller Shutters – If you are looking for greater security and protection for your home, then Roller Shutters in Sydney are the best option. They are usually made of aluminium and provide great light and privacy control.

Zip Screens – Zip screens are great at providing protection from the sun as well as unwanted insects. They block the light, depending on the fabric used.

Plantation Shutters – These are a timelessly popular type of outdoor window covering, and one of the more popular material used for these is PVC due to its weather and moisture resisted properties. They give greater control of light and privacy and protection from the elements, while still making your home look beautiful and stylish.

Retractable Awnings – Unlike straight drop awnings in Sydney, retractable awnings are fixed onto the wall and extend forward to create shade from the sun. They can be made with varying materials, and come in many colours and patterns.

Outdoor Venetian Blinds – Outdoor venetian blinds have tilted slats that give you a view of the outside but still protect your privacy.

Outdoor Shades – Ideal for areas where you get direct sunlight, as they block UV rays, but they still let you have a great view.

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