Exterior Treatments to Shade Windows and Save Energy

  Emma Lopez    December 23, 2020    199


And thereby reduce your energy and utility bills, especially with the extreme weather conditions in Australia.

Here are some popular choices of exterior window treatments that can minimize your energy bills:

Awnings – Straight Drop Awnings in Sydney based homes are one of the most popular choices of outdoor shadings, which protect you from the hot sun, strong winds and dust, while still letting in enough light and breeze to keep you comfortable. Straight Drop Awnings are ideal for creating outdoor entertainment areas and for pergolas, patios and deck areas.

Blinds – Even though blinds are considered as interior window treatments, those made from Aluminium, Wood or Steel are ideal for outdoor areas. Blinds provide greater control of light and privacy as the slats of the blinds can be opened according to your liking.

Shutters – Out of all types of blinds and shutters in Sydney, shutters are one of the strongest, providing a great amount of security and greater control of light and privacy. Outdoor shutters include Roller Shutters and Plantation Shutters. Shutters are also very aesthetically pleasing and provide a lot of style and charm.

Shades – Exterior shades are usually made from metal or synthetic fabrics, and roll up or down according to how much you want it open. It is ideal for blocking out the sun and thereby saving on energy bills, especially if you use a block out or sunscreen fabric.

There are so many providers of blinds and shutters in Sydney, that it is very important for you to choose the ideal vendor, who has the right amount of experience and know how to give you the best possible solution for your unique needs.

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