Exercising with the jumping jack

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 About jumping jack exercise:

Jumping jack is a basic form of exercising method that helps in keeping the body in proper fitness. Jumping Jack is also popular by the name of side straddle. The physical exercise is performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread and the hands touching overhead and then returning to their original position with the feets together and the arms at the sides. There are also numerous variations of this popular form of exercising that has been invented of late. Some more intense versions of jumping jack involve the bending down of the whole body and then touching the floor in between each successive jump. There are several names to jumping jack and is known distinctively such as the side straddle or the star jumpers in the common wealth nations.

Advantages and health benefits of jumping jacks:

The advantages of and health benefits of jumping jack exercises are many. Jumping jack is basically a vigorous exercise that effectively increases the amount of oxygen supply within the different part of the body at a very rapid rate. This helps in burning the calories of the body parts effectively and enhances the destruction of the toxins and also stimulates cardio vascular health to a maximum level. At the same time the flexibility of the body also increases rapidly and drastically. The flexibility through jumping jack is mainly attained due to the rebound effect of the exercise. Apart from that jumping jack can also boost the endurance power of the body. Many might think that the need of endurance is alone for the athletes but practically each and every one wants to feel vital.

Jumping jack and watching television:

Although there are lot of exercises that can be done while watching television jumping jack has its own benefits and health advantages. The first and the foremost one is that jumping jack can be done keeping the head in straight forward position. Hence there are no chances of getting hurt or possible injuries. Also it is fun top do at the same time.

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