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  John Cimble    October 31, 2012    1741


Fans of formula one will have been paying close attention to all the hype surrounding Lewis Hamilton and his move from Mclaren to Mercedes for the 2013 season. Lewis is one who definitely benefited from the coaching of his father early on in his career as this was the method that allowed him to make his way from go karting to formula one on the world stage.

You may wonder what this has to do with executive coaching Thailand but the similarities are obvious, even if they are not quite explained quite clearly. Essentially the moral of the story with Lewis Hamilton is that his father was great as a personal coach. He allowed Lewis to grow and mature and be the world class driver that he is today and the same methods and techniques can be applied to your workforce through executive coaching Thailand.

There is nothing worse than seeing employees with talent sit there and go to waste because their manager is too ill equipped to either nurture their talents or see them in the first place. This leads to employee unhappiness and decreased productivity as all the employee wants is to be recognised and for their skills to be acknowledged and used accordingly to help the company develop and grow, as Lewis’s father did with Lewis.

Executive coaching Thailand allows for you to unlock the hidden horsepower in your hierarchy and get the most out of your managers who will then get the most out of their staff. But executive coaching does not stop there as it goes all the way to the top as there is nothing worse than company owners not seeing, knowing or understanding when their underlings are also underperforming and usually the attitude of an employee or department comes from the way that they are treated by the manager to start with.

This is way executive coaching Thailand is top-down and can take the form of group or 1-1 sessions. Group sessions allow for everyone to learn at once and see the power and dynamic of team work and positive mental attitude in the workplace whereas 1 to 1 sessions may be for department heads having issues or who are underperforming. There may even be a 1 to 1 course with the company owner so that they can motivate the entire workforce and get everyone working on the same page so to speak. Only by doing that through executive coaching can you truly ensure that your business is working at its physical peak.

Executive coaching Thailand may not be a growing trend right now but it soon will be as more and more companies recognise that unproductive employees can be just as costly as missing deadlines or any other workplace incidents that cause productivity to suffer. So it makes sense to enroll your organisation on an executive coaching session in Thailand and learn how to truly unlock the power, potential and passion of both your management and your own staff and yourself also and that is sometimes the greater reward than anything monetary can ever equal.

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