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What is advertising?

Advertising is any form of paid representation of ideas so as to persuade the audience to take an action by viewing the particular advertising.

Most of the time, advertising and the advertisers been claimed for manipulating the audience, this is why it is important that the viewers have the critical analyzing ability to find what is behind the advertisement and this is the sole reason why teachers force students to write essay on such a topic.

Advertising essay based on critical analysis is all about deeply studying an advertisement in order to write an essay on it. Writing advertising essays can be a fun because you don’t have to do a long and long research work on a certain topic and write lengthy paragraphs on it. It will be all based on your view points and thinking, so select one ad and go for it.

Here, is an example of how to do analysis of an advertisement:

Let me tell you an example of a TV commercial where a mother and her child was going somewhere when suddenly, the child got a cut on his ankles, in the next second, his mother sprayed Pain- X spray on his ankles. In the next frame the boy starts smiling which is the sign of the immediate relief; this indicates that the spray is the best.

Therefore, your analysis in your advertisement essay would be that the TV commercial is trying to hit the viewers sub-consciously that the Pain-x product is the best, even the viewers haven’t tried it, they would know that it is the best and they will buy it in the end.

The next ad that the company made was about the same mother and a child walking in the park, this time a friend of this boy got a cut on his knees. When her mother was about to use some other product o his knees, the boy stops her and says that he rather want Pain-X for the cut.

Here, you will say that this is a sequel advertisement where the maker of the ad has shown that how the child has built loyalty towards the product. On the other hand, you will say that Pain-x is also trying to implicate the image of another product; this is totally an immoral act. Criticize this act of product owners and the advertising agencies in your advertisements essay.

Hence, the above told is the analysis example of an advertisement and not the format for an advertising essay. So, search for the structure for writing an essay on advertising over the internet and you will all set to go for writing critical analysis essays on advertising. A word of advice here is that develop your own analyzing skills so that you can deeply see what the advertising is all about, furthermore, the above told analysis example is just to give you a glimpse on how to analyze the an advertising so make sure you are not copy and pasting the whole analyzed article in your advertising essay.

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