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High end escalator cleaning machines are available in the market, which perform escalator cleaning at competitive prices. These cleaning machines are occupied with modern rotating brushes, vacuum and dirt tanks which assist in effective and efficient cleaning. Some of the machinery used to carry out the cleaning procedures is given below.

Rotomac ET15B

Rotomac machine is easy and quick to clean the difficult stains and dirt from the escalators. The rotating brushes move horizontal and vertical and suit all types of escalators. Some features of Rotomac ET15B are –

  • Rotomac ET15B was manufactured in the year 2013, which was replaced by Rotomoac 360 which meets all escalator cleaning needs
  • This machine consists of 4 rotating brushes of different length which are used to scrub and brush off dirt
  • This does not damage the threads of the escalators
  • The machine can be used with electrical fittings or battery operated
  • This can be safely set up on the steps and removed once the cleaning is done
  • A new socket was introduced which performs quick maintenance
  • Rotomac ET15B-T10 combo is the travelator cleaning device
  • Technical specifications – 52cms width, 18.5 – 23cms of step height, 50 Hz of frequency, 750W of brush motor, 1500W of vacuum motor, 15 litres of solution tank and recovery tank
  • Benefits of Rotomac machine are that cleaning can be done over site in hours, no damage to electrical fittings, controlled chemical and water spraying nozzles
  • Rotomac ET15B is officially approved and promoted by world’s leading manufacturers

Rotomac 360

Rotomac machines are manufactured in Germany with quality products created for revolutionary cleaning of escalators. This machine can be tested and demonstration can be conducted before actually conducting the cleaning services. Rotomac 360 delivers optimum cleaning and amazes with user friendly operation. Its easy operation allows one person to transport it on-site and then fix it on the steps and function thoroughly. Some features of Rotomac 360 are –

  • Easy brush set up and replacement
  • Automatic wet cleaner and optimum cleaning results
  • Highly user friendly and easy to handle for automatic cleaning experience
  • Simultaneously cleaning of steps and risers
  • The performance can be measured, adequate consumption of water and chemical detergents and the brushes adjust to the dirt
  • Technical specifications – 520mm of width, 185mm of step height, 40W of pump, 11 brushes, 1500w of suction motor, 750w of brush motor, 15 Lit of dirty and fresh water tank, 1900w of rated power consumption and 170kg of working weight.

Some other Rotomac machines used for escalator cleaning services are Travel 600, Step 100 and Rotomac 340. These machines carry out professional industrial and floor cleaning solutions highlighting the importance of cleanliness in public facilities. The buildings display visible, sparkling and hygienic escalators attracting customers and reducing slippage accidents. Regular maintenance activities can be performed with these escalator cleaning equipment  reducing fibre, dust and grease accumulation and increasing the life of escalators.

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