Encourage kids to contribute bathroom decor

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Start with a neutral bathroom decor. Neutral does not necessarily mean tan or cream. Blues or soft greens can be neutrals as well. Bright, vibrant colors are wonderful colours, but when covering every wall of a small space may not be that good too. Add vibrant colour and accessories, wall and window treatments and easy paint effects that can be changed quickly and easily. This is a great chance to let the child use its own creativity. If the child wants a bathroom covered with beautiful theme then one might need a professional touch to do so. Find a bright fabric to match theme and choose shower curtain. It is a simple matter of tapestry the top and bottom and adding grommets to hold the curtain rings. Child can sew pockets made from the fabric to the front of the shower curtain to hold washcloths, combs and the like. Add one or two grommets to the bottom of the pocket to allow moisture to evaporate.
Fun for the children:
Pick one colour from the fabric of the kid’s choice. Give life to the bathroom with painted knobs or specialty children's knobs in fun shapes to match the theme. Ask children to paint the knobs in stripes, flowers, checkerboards, squiggles, animals and any other shape the child can think of. Simply prime and let the child paint. Remember to put a towel ring at a height of the child can reach. Ask them to personalize towels by cutting letters from of the fabric and applying them to the towel with stitch or by using fuse able backing. Just make sure that the fabric is colourfast. Choose a simple shape and make a template out of paper. Ask them to place the paper over the sponge and cut with a utility knife or scissors.
Tips to help kids:
To help little ones reach the sink, steps with a broad, stable base, which can be painted and decorated by them. Fill a small basket with shampoo, toothpaste and other personal hygiene items that a child can easily handle. Help them to decorate the basket with ribbons, painted or stenciled animals or other trims. Making child's bathroom into one of the kind of their dream can be a rewarding experience. By asking them to help with the décor can be fun time and learning experience too.

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