Effects of Stress on Fertility

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Though the modern lifestyle has its own share of comforts and luxuries, it is taking its toll on the health of the people. One of the most disastrous effects of the busy urban life is stress. Due to tremendous work pressure and growing concerns, the stress levels faced by individuals are incredibly high. These rising stress levels are adversely affecting the physical and mental conditions of the individuals. Especially, the physical health of people is deteriorating with the alarming increase in stress-related disorders like diabetes, migraine, spondilytis and such other diseases. One of the major stress related disorders affecting a large section of people is infertility.

Infertility due to Stress

Though, people very often tend to overlook or neglect the problem of infertility due to stress, it has far reaching consequences. Infertility not only affects the overall physical health of an individual, it can also lead to mental and emotional instability, which is even more harmful. Some of the major effects of stress on fertility are as follows:

1) Both, men and women have an equal chance of suffering from infertility due to stress. Stress can lead to decline in the sexual desire among men and women. Stress can cause lack of orgasm among women while it can lead to temporary impotency among men.
2) The hypothalamus glands in the human body are responsible for generating reproductive hormones. The stress hormones have a profound effect on these hypothalamus glands, causing an adverse effect on the reproductive capacity of the individual.
3) Stress can also lead to a drastic increase in the cortisol levels among women leading to disastrous consequences. It can cause a complete pause of menstruation.
4) Women can be the worst sufferers and can be victims of pregnancy loss due to high stress and extended menstrual cycles.
5) Stress can also lead to severe hormonal changes among women causing a decline in their fertility levels. It also leads to irregular ovulation and fallopian tube spasm causing infertility among women.
6) The most common effect of stress on men is a decrease in the sperm count causing infertility and impotency.

These are some of the major effects of stress on the fertility of an individual. It is very crucial for people with a hectic life to indulge in stress-relieving measures to avoid infertility problems.

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