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GRE essays are written by the students to test their observation and writing skill, the GRE essays are somewhat similar to the GMAT tests where students are required to write two essays, one on any specific issue and the other one by analyzing an argument. 45 minutes is the total time duration for writing an essay on any issue while 35 minutes are given to write an essay on argument analysis.

Students are given two GRE essay topics from which they have to select anyone of their choice while there is not choice given for analyzing an argument in GRE essays, students have to use their own brains for the development of the ideas for GRE essay writing. Most of the time, student prefer using a persuasion tactic for writing the analysis part of GRE essays.

In order pass the GRE essay test, one has to acquire at least 6 marks which is like climbing a mountain, therefore, we thought to provide tips to consider while going for the GRE tests.

1- There must a clever use of reasoning from the side of the students especially when it comes to write the analysis part of the GRE essays, maintain a logical tone in the essay so that you don’t sound stupid and naïve at any instant.

2- There must be a good use of persuasion as stated above; student must be able to use the persuasion tactic in order to convince the readers. Providing evidence for the GRE essays would prove to be very useful if you want to build the level of credibility.

3- There must be an organized way of dealing with the ideas and the arguments; it will show your manner and writing skills. The organization can be easily deal when you make an outline before writing the GRE essay test finally.

4- If you will include unnecessary information in the GRE essay that will only confuse the reader not only that, the reader will think he doesn’t know anything about the topic and he is just filling the pages with the words. Also make sure, that you are not incorporating any contradictory statement in the essay that will show your lack of interest while writing the GRE essay.

5- Students should make sure they are not committing any grammatical, spelling or logical mistakes in the essay because it will eat your marks like anything. Furthermore, they should also take care of their sentence structure as well. For this purpose, they should proofread GRE essay again and again to make sure there is no flaw left in the essay.

6- Time management is the crucial factor; you should divide your time accordingly. For example five minutes for brainstorming, five minutes for the introduction and so on. This is how; you would be able to complete the GRE essay on time.

To be precise, if you are going for GRE essay test then you should make sure you have thoroughly read the above told tips for writing a better GRE essays.

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