Edging your lawn

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Select a handheld edger and place it between the lawn and the roadway. Keep the wheel of the edger on the pavement and the blade on the edge. For bigger lawns use the power-driven edger. In areas, which are difficult to reach, periphery of beds or around trees it is better to use grass shears. Suppose that the grass is very tall to be mowed or the lawn is very large use a string trimmer. An “English Garden” appearance can be achieved by use of an edging tool between the lawn and bed. A shovel having a blade (with shape like a half moon) should be used for this. The blade has to be pushed with the feet so that it cuts off a small piece of grass leaving a straight and clean border of soil between the bed and the lawn. After using an edging tool the slices of soil have to return to the garden beds for breaking them down. They are chopped and buried under the mulch. We can choose between Gas Lawn Edger and the Electric Lawn Edger.


Some Lawn Edger’s are made from 100% Stainless Steel blade. Its steel blade is corrosion and climate resistant. It is being manufactured in the USA from 1984. It is better than the lawn roller edger and lawn half moon edger. The Lawn Edger is of the size of a garden hoe or rake. It is manufactured of durable steel with a wooden handle. There is no need to bend or strain you while using it. Cleaning and maintaining it is easy. Edging done above the ground is decorative and made up of stone, wood or metal. That done below the ground is called Flush edging and is made up of rubber, plastic or metal.


Edging is the last step in mowing the lawn. It provides a manicured and professional finished appearance to the lawn. It helps in displaying flowers and shrubs. It helps to adjust to straight and bent peripheries with equal amount of ease. The base of new trees is kept away from mowers and trimmers. It helps in stopping the lawn grass from entering flowerbeds.

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