Drug Rehabs California: Feel the Pain of Patient Brokering Restrictive Laws

  Joanna Suter    April 21, 2020    73


California’s new restrictive laws against the infamous patient brokering scheme, or body brokering as it is also known, curtail the efforts of shady operators trying to prey on people with opiate addiction.

What Is a Patient Brokering Scheme?

For the uninformed, patient brokering is an unscrupulous act of drug rehab and addiction treatment marketing that is rampant across the U.S. for many years.In simpler terms, when an addiction specialist or an employee of the California inpatient drug rehabs refers the facility to a person with substance abuse, in exchange for monetary gains or any kind of promise, that is patient brokering.

Patient Brokering: The Vicious Cycle That Traps the Vulnerable

While ethical addiction treatment centers and California drug rehabs can now remain untainted by this sinister act, there is more to learn about patient brokering. As if being addicted to opiates is not painful enough, there are plenty of people from all strata of life who prey on the vulnerable.

Body Brokers

These body brokers buy the patients and sell them to the rehabs that offer them the highest bid. Insurance fraud is tied into this scheme as the patient brokers are in search of people who can afford premium policies. Since such substance abusers are hard to find, these brokers land a prospective patient and take the policy in their name. 

Recovering Addicts

The persons who benefit from this practice are not restricted to those connected with the rehabs, but alumni of the treatment center also take part in making profits.Recovering addicts themselves turn into patient brokers who partake in this appalling practice for kickback money.

Quick Facts on the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.

  1. Around 53 million Americans over the age of 12 were illicit drug abusers by 2018.
  2. About 4 to 6 million abusers pertained to opioids, whereas, just 1 in 10 people received treatment for substance abuse disorder.
  3. The U.S. opioid epidemic has reported the deaths of at least 130 American residents every day.
  4. The opioid overdose deaths are projected to grow from almost 33,000 in 2015 to a staggering 82,000 by 2025.

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is a sensitive matter, both for the victims and their loved ones. Hence, you must seek an ethical drug addiction treatment center in California. Beware of exploitative drug rehabs California that practice or promote patient brokering.



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