DOs and DON'Ts of Craft Beer, and How to Enjoy Them

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Craft Beer in London has certainly taken over the world of beer lovers by storm, and has revolutionized how people see and feel about this very popular beverage. Manufactured by small independent breweries in limited quantities per year, these artisan beers are truly what you call ‘handcrafted’, with hand-picked ingredients that are of the highest quality and made according to the brewers’ own recipes. The main difference in Craft Beer? It is made with love, by people who have a passion for the beverage and focus on quality rather than quantity and making profits.

These days there is nothing that anyone would like to taste more than a craft spirit, and Craft Beer in London is available at many stores, pubs and even online stores in a variety of brands, types and flavours, each one unique on its own, and destined to take the consumer on a flavourful and aromatic adventure like never before.

So, how should you enjoy your Craft Beer? Here are a few tips on how you can truly enjoy the experience of this unique artisan drink.

First the Do’s.

  • The right temperature – It is imperative that your beer is consumed at the right temperature in order to truly enjoy its unique flavour. If it is too cold then it reduces the intensity of the flavour, since the cold can numb your tongue and cause your taste receptors to not work properly. Hence these craft spirits should be served only slightly chilled, so that you don’t miss out on the explosion of flavours that you can get with them.
  • The right glass – The glassware that you drink your beer in can impact its taste in a big way, so be careful how you serve your drink. Some glasses are designed with ample room to let the beer breathe, while others are more effective at keeping it cool for a longer period of time. Whatever glass you choose make sure it is the right one, so that you can experience the true flavour of a Craft Beer in London.
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV) – When buying your drink, don’t forget to check the ABV which is indicated on the bottom of the bottle or can. Some craft spirits can have a very high potency while others may have less, so make sure you check the ABV before buying it since it will affect the quantity that you purchase.
  • Take more than one sip – If you are tasting Craft Beer for the first time, don’t just take one sip to experience its flavour. These artisan spirits have very complex and aromatic flavours, and deserve a fair chance to experience it, hence take a few sips and let the flavour truly sink in. The aftertaste you get may be something very unique and never before experienced.
  • Don’t overwhelm your palate – When taste testing, don’t forget to start with the beverages that are the lightest in flavour and offer the lowest ABV, and slowly move on to the stronger ones. Don’t overwhelm your palate by mixing up the flavours, but go in a proper order to truly enjoy every sip.

Now for the DON’Ts.

  • Don’t store in warm places – Make sure that you don’t store your Craft Beer where the temperatures are too high since they can go bad fairly quickly if you do. The best places to store them are somewhere that is either below or equal to room temperature.
  • Direct sunlight – Beer can go bad very quickly if stored in a place where it comes into direct contact with sunlight, hence it should be stored in a cool place with no light in order to preserve its quality.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach – One of the biggest mistakes many people make is consuming alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. This will make you high and tipsy after a single beer. Always make sure that you have something to eat before you consume alcohol as this will slow down the metabolism rate of the alcohol, and will let you enjoy more of it for longer.
  • Avoid wearing overpowering perfumes or colognes – One of the experiences of Craft Beer is its aroma and aroma plays a huge role in how we feel the flavours what we eat or drink, however if you are wearing any other overpowering fragrances such as perfume, this can hamper your aromatic experience as well as the flavour.
  • Don’t drive – Well this is simply an advice for your safety, so don’t drive after you have had alcohol, or you just might end up in the drink!

If you know how to truly experience the uniqueness of your Craft Beer you are sure to enjoy the aromatic flavours that it offers which is far different from what you may get from a regular mass-produced beer. It is truly an artisan beverage created only for those with a passion for exotic flavours and a love for beer.

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