Divorce in Thailand – Contested Divorces

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We already spoke about uncontested divorces and what they are and what is involved and their effects and so now it is time to talk about contested divorces and how they differ.  For starters this is all done in court which means that all the divorces you see on TV and in movies, where the parents go to court and with all the emotional and traumatic experience this entails means that they are most likely going through an uncontested divorce and this type of divorce is still the same in the West as the same kind of divorce in Thailand.

If both parties cannot agree on the divorce then it means that they need to go to court.  Specifically one party needs to file a petition in court but to do this there you need a cause.  This means that the person who files the petition needs to prove their motivation and reason for a divorce in Thailand.  There are several grounds for divorce in Thailand.  Many of them are the same as you would expect in the West and as always it helps to look up the laws and what will happen if you are entirely unsure as whilst these articles are there to provide guidance they can no mean replace a qualified lawyer.

The law also may not apply the same way for a divorce in Thailand when goods are also involved.  We have all heard of couples going to war over the custody of their assets and Thailand has a few legal statutes that help to stop this from happening.  Divorces in Thailand operate differently if goods are also involved and those involved are required to pay a deposit to the court for the goods in question and this will then be paid back if the person wins the case.  However if you lose then the deposit is not paid back which clearly makes sense.  Divorces are not pretty wherever they take place in the world and this also applies to divorces in Thailand also. 

The list of laws for divorce is long and quite exhaustive and this is not a legal article in any way so it would pay to do some research before attempting to file for a divorce as we have all seen the devastation it can cause on TV and in movies but sadly in real life it is far more devastating to watch for all concerned.  Divorce in Thailand need not be hell but only if you pay proper attention to the laws and know your rights.  Remember that you are not in your home country and so the rules and laws that may have protected you may no longer apply and it is recommended that in any divorce situation or potential divorce situation to seek legal counsel before proceeding, this is to protect you and ensure that you survive the outcome as they say love is war so divorce, you could say, is the ultimate battle and it always helps to be prepared.

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