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IT industry has evolved a lot in the past twenty years. And one can say that “Outsourcing” is a major element in this evolvement.

All IT companies are turning to become a service provider of Software Outsourcing by and large. Software outsourcing, in simple words can be explained as providing software development solutions through internet to a different company which is likely to be in a different region or country.

Software outsourcing has a lot of advantages and that is mainly why it has gained momentum in the recent years inspite of objections being raised for outsourcing such as working in a different time zone and with people of different culture. The biggest pitfall for this would be giving your entire project to a far away land that comes in a different jurisdiction.

However, all these drawbacks have been overshadowed by the advantages outsourcing has. To begin with the advantages, the company that is outsourcing its work has the benefit of giving their work in the hands of experts. They can choose from a pool of talent and select the best for their company.

Secondly, the company doesn’t have to take the burden of putting these professionals on their payroll. This saves the company a lot of money as they pay the software outsourcing company only when they work for them whereas if the professional is in your payroll, the company would have to pay him/her even when they are not on projects.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing services is cost-cutting. Lot of resources can be saved such as electricity, work space and machineries when you have outsourced at your work. Also, a company in USA has to pay only one-fifth of what it has to pay its own countrymen.

Lastly, the entire process is client-centric. The complete project is done according to their requirement and deadlines.

Apart from the benefits that a client company enjoys, there are equally good number of things that a software development company can benefit from software Outsourcing. The first one would be the independence and flexibility to work in the time frame that is decided by them.

Although there are project deadlines but the pressure of working with a boss on their head is not there. Secondly, it gives them the option to choose which kind of project they would like to work on instead of sitting with something that you don’t enjoy. And not to mention that they earn in a different currency which has a lot more value than their own!

The advantages of outsourcing are endless for both client company and the software outsourcing company. At present Indian software companies are on high demand for outsourcing IT requirements. This is because India offers the most cost effective IT solutions to countries world-wide.

Also India has more no. of English speaking professionals than its foreign counterparts which makes the communication easy between both the ends. Thus we can sum up in this that software outsourcing companies have way to go in global business world.

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