Different Organizational Patterns For Compare And Contrast/ Comparison Essay

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Compare and contrast/compare comparison essay writing is about comparing two objects, comparison essays are based on two parts therefore; compare and contrast. So, the comparison contrast essays should be written in an organized manner but most of the time students can’t come up with an organized form of the compare and contrast essay.

This is why we will be providing you with two different organizational patterns for writing comparison essay.

1-      Block arrangement of the material

2-      Point by point arrangement of the material

Block arrangement of the material:

In this style of writing, the body paragraphs are taken as blocks, for example if you are writing your contrast essay about vacationing in US and vacationing in UK. Your contrast essay would comprise of the first paragraph talking about United States followed by a paragraph that would be telling about United Kingdom but make sure the next paragraphs are all in the same order in comparison and contrast essays.

Block arrangement:


The introduction of the comparison contrast essay would be discussing the purpose of writing the essay that is comparing and contrasting vocational adventures in United States of America and United Kingdom.

Paragraph discussing the vacation in U.S

You have to line up everything in the same order like:

1-      Climate of U.S

2-      Activities one can do in U.S

3-      Best location in U.S

Paragraph discussing the vacation in U.K

1-      Climate of U.K

2-      Activities on can do in U.K

3-      Best location in U.K


Wind up the work here in a way that completes the look of the comparison essays; tell the readers did you fulfill the purpose of writing compare essay.

Point by point arrangement of material:

In point by point arrangement of the material, you would be discussing the difference between vacationing in United States and vacationing in United Kingdom in point by point form.


The introduction would be same as the above told in which you will tell the purpose of writing the comparison and contrast essay that is highlighting the difference between vacationing in US and UK.

·         First point about the difference between vacationing in United States and United Kingdom

·         Second point about difference between vacationing in United States and United Kingdom

·         Third difference between about difference between vacationing in United States and United Kingdom


Conclusion would wrap up the whole work in a decent manner; an effective conclusion is the one which tells the reader about important points that were discussed throughout the essay and the final outcome of the comparison contrast essays.

Final tips:

1-      Ask your teacher for the final permission about the topic of compare and contrast essays

2-      Make sure it is logical and coherent.

3-      The paragraphs are all connected with each other

4-      Two comparing paragraph should be discussing the same point about the vacation.

5-      Don’t include any point that seems unreasonable and irrelevant to the mood of the essay.

Therefore, if you will use any one of the above told organizational pattern for writing compare and contrast essay then you will surely pass your essay exam with flying colors.

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