Difference between 2-stroke and 4 stroke three wheelers

  Anna  Paquin     August 4, 2021    1035


Three-wheeler engines have evolved over time along with other accessories, but the 2-stroke and 4-stroke are the two most common gasoline-powered combustion engine designs. While we're sure you've heard of these terms before, do you actually understand what they mean? What is the difference between them and which is better?

During each revolution of a 4-stroke engine, the piston completes two strokes: one compression and one exhaust, followed by a return stroke. Power is created per four strokes of the piston, and the spark plugs only burn once every other revolution. Because the oil is stored in a separate compartment, these engines do not require pre-mixing of fuel and oil.

The entire combustion cycle in a 2-stroke engine is accomplished with only one piston stroke: a compression stroke followed by the detonation of compressed fuel. The exhaust is released during the return stroke, and a new fuel mixture is introduced into the cylinder. Every two strokes of the piston, the spark plugs fire once, and power is created.

So, which is the better option?

In terms of efficiency, the 4-stroke is unquestionably superior. This is because fuel is burned just once every four strokes. Four-stroke engines are significantly heavier than two-stroke engines, weighing up to 50% more. Because two-stroke engines have a simpler design, they are easier to repair. They don't have valves; instead, they have ports. Four-stroke engines have more parts, therefore they are more expensive to repair. 

A 2-stroke engine typically produces more torque at higher RPMs, but a 4-stroke engine produces more torque at lower RPMs. A 4-stroke engine is also much calmer, whereas a 2-stroke engine is much louder and produces a characteristic, high-pitched buzzing sound.

If used in the right situation, either type of engine can perform well. It's up to you to choose whatever engine you want and for what purpose you want to use it. 

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