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A diamond tool is a cutting tool which contains diamond segments to cross by a large variety of materials that other cutting tools cannot. The segments are composed of crystals of diamond and powder metal which form the bond, or "stamps", of the segments. The bond is one of the principal factors while choosing which machine to employ to cut a specific material according to the way in which hard, or the abrasive, the material is. The bond is what decides the rate to which the metal powders carry downwards and expose new diamond crystals on surface to maintain what would be considered a pointed edge.

Diamonds should not be employed for the steel or the iron of cutting, because carbon will dissolve in the workpeice and will lead to the hardening of wear of the tool and work. Three other materials are employed for steels of cutting where diamond would be employed: Aluminum oxide, and the boron nitride tools (cBN and the second known hardest material), cubic of silicon nitride can be employed. For hard materials of cutting, a diamond blade with a soft bond would be necessary. This means the metal powders in the segments (teeth) of the use of diamond blade rather quickly to release from old man, chechmates crystals, exposing new diamond to the edges to continue to cross effectively.

Conversely, to cut a soft abrasive material as asphalt or the concrete coldly versed, should use a diamond blade to you with a hard bond so that the segments do not carry to the bottom prematurely and the blade is not put at the loss. Diamond is particularly agreed to cut strongly abrasive materials, such as ceramics. The diamonds used in these tools are synthetic or normal industrial diamond of various sizes and the shapes of grain.

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