Detecting Cheating Among Wives

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Cheating wifes are usually not hard to spot if you know what signs to look for. Often, cheating wifes are more subtle than their male counterparts, partially because of the fact that it is more negative to be labeled a cheating wife than than a cheating husband. While cheating husbands can be called as a sign of manhood and is often encouraged by many people, a cheating wife is more unacceptable in most cultures. Polygamy has always been a one-way thing, and women are insufferably on the other end of the spectrum.

Often women cannot be caught red-handed because they can make up all sorts of excuses to stay outside the home. Taking care of kids, shopping, meeting up with friends can be some of the countless alibis that they can use. Also, if they are working, they can also make the excuse that they are working late nights on overtime, like what most cheating men tell their wives. It can get really difficult to detect if a woman is cheating on her husband if she is discreet and a good actress, but there are telltale signs that will indicate her extra activities when seen in action simultaneously and consistently.

The very first thing that happens to cheating wifes is secrecy. Suddenly, they withdraw and refuse to tell you all the details of their whereabouts. They may be used to giving you detailed accounts of how their day went by, but when they are doing something sneaky behind your back, you will find them talking less and usually out of the house. This is because a woman can really be caught with her words. Some can be sly but usually they are inclined to tell about details she would rather not have you discover. Women who suddenly clam up and make decisions behind your back are those who are inclined to be cooking up something more than your dinner. You will also find their interest in you wavering, and their enthusiasm to know about you forced, if not completely absent. Some women will blatantly be more bored with their husbands and are more prone to being pensive or heavy episodes of daydreaming in the house.

One of the signs to check if your wife if cheating on you is by checking her wardrobe. When your relationship with her is not as red-hot as it used to be on your honeymoon phase and you find her purchasing new underwear and clothes without really making you appreciate them, then it is likely to find her showcasing her new wardrobe to another man. You must really know your wife to be able to detect if she is doing those things to impress you or another man. Consider it also a red flag when she is overspending even when you have a tight budget. If she is spending too much on her vanities over other basic needs of your home, be very alarmed. It might be more than just a budgeting problem.

If your wedding ring is being taken off more frequently than usual, you can also take this as a major basis for suspicion. A wedding ring is a woman's badge and symbol of her married status. If she is inadvertently making excuses to leave it at home or not wear it frequently, it is either she is not proud of being married to you or she is having an affair and does not want to feel the guilt by seeing her ring finger while she dates her side dish. Also, she would not stand a chance of being with a delectable male if she is caught wearing that ring.

Sex will also indicate if a wife is cheating on her husband. There is some sort of instinctive feeling in having sex between husband and wife. When one of the two partners is having an affair, it would be difficult to fake it especially in bed. A husband would know if her wife is just faking it, especially when a woman has had extramarital relations. Unfortunately, this most obvious sign is often overlooked because to begin with, women will only start looking for affairs when their needs are not met inside and outside the bedroom. There is virtually little or no sex life between cheating spouses and wives and this is the major cause of infidelity in most relationships.

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