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There are many ways for Americans to get one from state to the next. There are planes, cars and ships. A few hundred miles up north is Alaska. Much of the population is uninhabited due to the cold weather and this can only be accessed by sea or air.

Through the years, there have been improvements. Communities have sprung up which has helped boost its tourism.

But if people want to see enjoy the scenery and the wildlife, many recommend to take a cruise.

There are more than 5 shipping companies that can give the individual a one of a kind experience. These are namely the Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, Silver Sea, Radisson, Holland America, Norwegian, and Carnival.

The Royal Caribbean and the Princess Cruise Lines are two of the biggest. Each ship has been given excellent markings in terms of the service and the facilities. The individual should not be surprised if almost every travel agency that makes bookings for Alaska will recommend these two first before mentioning the names of the companies.

The Silver Sea, Holland America, Norwegian, Carnival and the Celebrity are the next options if the two vessels are already fully booked. The rates offered are a little lower which means going to Alaska is also possible for those on a small budget.

The shortest voyage is about a week. Those who can go on vacation a little longer can extend up to 18 days. This will give the tourist time to explore the sights and even rest easy sitting by the fireplace in a luxurious hotel. The tourist can find this in Denali, Fairbanks and the Kenai Peninsula.

Cruise liners will be making frequent stopovers in various ports in Canada and Alaska. These include Juneau, Hubbard Glaciers, Ketchikan and Skagway.

Tourists should not worry about the food being served on board. This is because an international cuisine cooked by some of the final chefs will be cooked throughout the entire voyage. Travelers who need to watch the diet can even get a special menu similar to how passengers are able to get this while flying on a plane.

Tourists planning to go on a trip up north are advised to book months in advance. This is to avail an early bird rate since the price of the lowest fare starts at $750 and saving a few hundred dollars will allow the individual to use it for something else such as shopping for souvenirs.

Discounts are sometimes given to those traveling in a group. A travel agent can help especially if the agency has booked for other passengers in the past.

The best time to go on a cruise bound for Alaska is between May and September. Couples can go alone or decide to let the kids come along making this a fun filled summer vacation as the school year just ended.

Those who donít have plans yet for the holidays can try to make a reservation because the rates being offered are slashed during the months of December and January.

Cruise lines going to Alaska will depart from either Los Angeles or San Francisco. Travel arrangements should be made if the people are coming from out of town. This is will ensure that the individuals will be able to get to the boat on time.
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