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The Dhole Patil College of Engineering Pune (DPCOE) is the best engineering college in Pune for all streams, computer, mechanical, electronics and telecommunications, automobile and civil. Apart from these Bachelor’s courses, the college also offers Master’s in VLSI & Embedded Systems, Heat Power, design and computer engineering.

Established in 2008 by the Dhole Patil Education Society, the college aims to offer the best quality engineering courses in Pune, to students who come from all over the country to study in the city. Students can find one the top computer engineering courses here. Let’s take a look at what computer engineering is, and how you can get the most out of it at DPCOE.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is a combination of computer science and electrical engineering. Basically where technology meets innovation; computer engineers can work on both, the hardware and software side of things. They deal with computer networks, computer systems and everything digital for enhancements and advancements. Computer engineers develop and design hardware and software applications.

Technology and its use have soared in the past decade to a whole new high. Lives are now lived on smart phones, be it social networking, career enhancement or just going through the daily grind. The more we use technology, the more scope there is for computer engineering, meaning that it’s only set to increase.

Apps are developed and bettered on a daily basis, and you’ll find an app for practically anything nowadays. Shopping, buying groceries, travelling, and just about anything under the sun can be made easier through mobile and online applications. Additionally, fields such as robotics, aviation, research and digital consulting, among others, also keep needing computer engineers all the time.

Computer Engineering at DPCOE

At DPCOE, students will be presented with the best opportunities, a highly-experienced faculty and excellent amenities. The laboratories are state-of-the-art, classrooms are fully furnished and the teachers absolutely love what they do.

Students learn about both hardware and software. However, at DPCOE, the students don’t just learn. They design, innovate, analyze and evaluate. Students are involved in the testing, planning and supervision of the manufacturing process of computer hardware.

Computer engineers mainly deal in the hardware side of things, and dabble a little in software and operating systems. At DPCOE, every aspect of the subject is taught, all bases are covered and shaping the student into the right kind of computer engineer is the main aim.

About the Course

The computer engineering course at DPCOE, one of the best in Pune, is 4 year long. Diploma holders have a lateral entry mode of admission in the second year. This course has very good prospects as the IT industry is currently on an all time high. There are many fields within IT such as programming, designing, software, development, assembly, network engineering and many more.

Computer engineering is a very good course for students who have an inclination towards technology and computers. And at DPCOE, you can be assured of receiving the best quality education.

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