Comparison of Best Internet TV Platforms Available

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Internet TV technology can be considered as a new phase in the television industry. Though the first generation releases are not yet perfect, the said technology is showing great potentials.  With almost zero advertising, the said technology is already being considered as the industry's best reserved secret.

Expected Big Players

Referred to by some as Smart TV or Connected TV, many are expecting the big players to focus on all the fuzz within this year. At the present, such players like Sony, Samsung, LG, and others are starting to advertise current and up and coming portals, applications and widgets. So in answering “what is the best Internet TV to consider?” knowing the top options or brands to consider is always advisable.

Sony - Bravia Internet TVs

Many are considering that Sony could be the current king when it comes to Internet TVs. This is mainly because almost all probably already experienced using Sony's Xross Media Bar, the company’s trademark system on the Play Station 3 or even on one of Sony’s Blue-ray players. Currently, Sony's lineup of TV models offer its latest applications, content deals, widgets, and internet-related options are already incorporated into the XMB system.

Sony’s Bravia Internet Video line-up of televisions allows users to connect easily to the internet. At one moment users can be watching programs on digital TV channels, and then activating Lovefilm to watch the latest streaming films, or load the BBC iPlayer and look for previous episode, all from one television unit and with a grid-style interface that offers unique uniformity and easy use. Sony’s Internet Video features are currently available on Sony's EX703, NX813, and HX703 Series.


Samsung – Internet TVs

Samsung Internet TVs are considered to have more history compared to other providers, heritage in a sense that this once very innovative platform is starting to show some flaws. Its touch interface is a bit gaudy and particularly not fast enough when skipping around its menus. It features a Smart Hub that allows connection with other available devices on a home network, searching can be done for a particular artist, producers concerts, alongside with some MP3 files, and even relevant Twitter feeds.


LG – Internet TVs

Though LG may be a late player in the internet television platform, the company has big and promising plans. It is expected that the said brand would release new string of Smart TVs soon. LG's NetCast portal is slowly making a mark on the industry, beginning with a trio of popular services on its home screen, YouTube, Picasa, and Accuweather. The company announced that other internet related services are being added via a secured firmware download. This makes the NetCast a very promising Smart TV product.


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