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Cleanser is a soothing creamy cleanser that gently cleans sensitive, mature and normal skin. It is also used to clean the make up without any irritation on the skin. Cleansing milk makes the skin comfortable by as it contains essential oils of sweet orange, chamomile and neroli. After a long hectic day a cleanser will help to clean skin. It is the gentle PH balance milk that removes dirt, germs, make up and other impurities of the skin. Use of cleanser makes the skin soft, smooth and attractive.

Advantages of using cleanser

A cleanser is formulated with pure vegetable extracts gently cleans the skin, make up and other impurities of the skin. It enhances the complexion of the skin. The cream is thick and a rich cleanser. It makes the skin to look very clear and is suitable for normal and dry skin. It also moisturizes the skin nullify the bad effect of hard water. Hard water makes skin very dry. The cream is very pale lovely and thick. It feels very cool on skin as one applies it on the face and other parts of body. The smell of the cleanser is very pleasant and fresh. It does not smell very strong heavy flora which can make anyone feel irritated. Cleansers do not make skin dry and its use does not take away the natural moisturizer of the skin. It helps to reduce the ageing effect caused due to pollution, tension and excessive exposure to sun. A cleanser gives the full worth of money spend on it. It is helpful in reducing the other problems of the skin like pimples and acne as it removes all the dirt of the face. It can be used on all skin types like dry, normal and oily. Cleanser is like a gel toner for sensitive skin.


Apply the cleanser on to the dry skin and massage it on the face and neck till all the oils, make up and dirt is dissolved with it. Clean the face with cotton and then rinse it thoroughly. It should be used daily after coming back home to keep skin attractive and free from any problems.

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