Clayton Weatherman Off To Fast Start in 2012

  Daryn Weatherman    December 20, 2012    1102


Clayton Weatherman has scored over 130 victories in just five short years of racing. In 2012 he moves up the Legend's Series Young Gun division and has firmly established himself.

When you are 12-years old, the world looks big and the future is as far away as you can see. In just five short years behind the wheel, Clayton Weatherman has traveled farther than most and has certainly won more races than many that have raced a lifetime.

Clayton calls Wentzville, MO home but this 12-year old finds himself on the road for much of the year as he chases his racing dream that he hopes someday will take him to the top of the sport. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

And while NASCAR stardom may be a few years away, he has established himself as a fierce competitor no matter where he races. He has compiled an impressive list of wins (130) at 32 different venues across the country.

The 2012 season has brought new change to Clayton as he moves up to the Young Lions division of the Legend Car Series. These purposely built 5/8-scale replicas of 1930's coupes and sedans are one of the fastest and most successful forms of motorsports in the country.

"I really love driving the Legend car," Clayton offered. "They are so fast and responsive compared to the Bandelaro. You have to be so easy on the throttle or you can spin yourself out. Racing these cars teaches you to a better driver."

Clayton and his team started out the season competing in the Lone Star Legends Winter Series at Texas Motor Speedway where he finished second (to his older brother Kyle) in January then backed that up with a pairs of wins three weeks ago.

This past week, Clayton traveled to Auburndale (FL) Speedway for a week-long winter series on the 3/8-mile paved oval. His results were mixed finishing 3rd, 5th, 2nd, 14th, and 11th in five consecutive nights of racing, but it is all about seat time.

"We plan to race whenever and wherever we can this year and our goal is to win races," Clayton revealed. "The best way to learn is to race and if we are winning we must be learning."

While many of his peers are in the classroom, Clayton's educational path is not envied by many. "My family places some pressure on my brother and me to get good grades or we do not get to race," Clayton said. "My teachers and the school are real supportive and I stay late most days and when we are not racing to try to get all of my homework completed before leaving to a race. It is tough but totally worth it."

Clayton's favorite subject is math and that is a good thing as he continues to pile up wins and statistics that the rest of us would have difficulty keeping track of. Next up for Clayton and the Weatherman Motorsports team is a trip to the Bullring at Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway on back to back weekends March 17/18 and 24/25.

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