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Children are a blessing from God. The moment a child is born is usually the happiest time of different people. Children will always be considered something special especially during their child hood. This feeling parents get due to the availability of their children is something which cannot be explained.

A photograph is one of the ways to preserve memories of your children. Photographs will provide you with something tangible about a particular moment. Getting the right photographer to take you photograph for your child is quite the right undertaking. Children photographers have the experience and knowledge of how good to take photo's for children. The central coast is characterized by a high number of photographers taking photos of children. The following will include some of the photographers who are involved in taking photographs for the children.

1. Louise Blake photography.
This is a professional photographer who specializes in photography for newborns. She will request approximately 4 hours fir the photo shoot with your new born. This will include time for feeding, changing and also different shots with you. This can even include your other sibling. You receive 40+ portraits which are high resolution (jpg) picture on USB. The total session will cost approximately $380 - all the images will be edited and print ready in a very high resolution on your USB disk. She also specializes in photography for pregnant women

2. Watagan view photographic
This is an award winning photographer. One of the prestigious award she won is the "image of Australia" .they have visited lots of places engaging in children photography and this has given the much need experience to capture each moment in the right manner possible. They will treat each and every Photoshop very personally and only high quality images will be produced.

3. Vibe photography.
These groups of photographers specialize in wedding, portraiture and baby photography. All of their photography is shot in a high quality digital manner. This will mean that you have the ability to choose any mixture of color, black and white sepia and also a range of different effects. This is to cater for your preference. Their aim is to meet your need so they will involve you and the child in the photography.

4. Impact images
These groups of photographer have been photographing families for over 10 years. They have specialized in this kind of photography and you will most definitely meet those photographing children. You will have the options of choosing between studios, your home or different location where photography will be handled. They recommend their fully equipped and air conditioned studio for any new borns. These sessions have a complete control of a variety of different elements including: temperature, humidity and lighting.
These are some of the photographers offering child photography to the region of central cost. A lot of other photographers offer these services. They will differ in the services they offer and also the prices they charge.


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