Children And The Internet: Is It Safe?

  Peter Bennet    November 5, 2011    879


One fear that many parents may have comes to allowing their children to use the internet. A fear that is backed behind the horrible news stories we hear of people luring children as well as having your children see things that they are too young to be seeing. Parent's also know that there are some wonderful education sites online that could help to enrich the lives of their children and this often laves them in a dilemma of wondering is the internet safe for children? If a parent sets up the proper precautions they can diminish any of the hazards that are lurking on the internet. 

First things first, monitor your child's activity closely online. Consider having the computer in a room that has high traffic and never allow young children to have a computer in their bedroom with internet access. This will allow you to keep a close watchful eye on all their activities. There are many tools online that can help prevent the access to adult sites and other information that you may not wish your children to see. is one of these and this allows many great parental controls that can help to keep our children safer while online. 

Depending on the age of the child, keep social networking to a bare minimum. While this may be hard as everyone wants a Facebook page and you do not have to deny your child this just be cautious. One idea is to set up the page for your child and ensure that the page is blocked and has the highest level of security. Make sure that search engines cannot find the page as well as people who are  not friends or family of the child. Know your child's password and once again depending on the age you may wish to keep that password from them. Log in for them and monitor all new friends and posts they get. 

Most importantly communicate with them. Establish boundaries and certain times of the day that the can surf the web. Always stay active in their internet life and let them discover some of the educational ways that the internet can be used. Teaching them at an early age will help keep them safe, even in the virtual world. 

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