Chef Fashion: New Trends in Chef Uniforms

  Nadia Winget    June 9, 2021    274


Chef uniforms have evolved a great deal over the years, both in terms of functionality and style, not to mention comfort. These days you can find Chef coats, pants and kitchen shirts in an array of colours and designs, as well as prints. Although these new designs and styles do make these uniforms much more stylish than the traditional Chef whites, they have other functional reasons for these changes as well.

For example, some professional chefs prefer to wear printed kitchen shirts and pants because it is far more comfortable to wear and work in, and if they do get any spills or stains on them, they are not that visible. Printed fabrics are great at hiding dirt and stains, and giving the wearer an exotic look. Of course, for more formal occasions they do still prefer the elegant white chef uniforms, but for everyday work in the kitchen, these new designs are best.

Chef hats too have evolved into more comfortable and easy options, such as beanies and skull hats, which serve the same purpose, but are less cumbersome than the tall Toque that we are so used to seeing professional Chefs in. That does not mean that they have removed the Toque altogether, because the Toque is a sign of professionalism and expertise, bringing honour and respect to the wearer and the trade.

It is the everyday work life of busy commercial kitchen that call for these huge changes in style and design, and the need to make it more comfortable for the wearer. It is a hot crowded environment that a Chef works in and they need to be more comfortable, be able to move easily, while still getting the protection they need from their uniform against any hazards. Many kitchens now use disposable Chef hats, which are much more hygienic and easier than traditional fabric ones.

Whatever the style of their uniform, there is no doubt that Chefs have long, difficult work days, so why shouldn’t they look fabulous at the same time?

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