Ceiling fan repairs

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When it comes to having ceiling fans installed or repaired, it is better to do this at home if one has little idea of doing it. There are many manufacturers who provide this services free if the fan is under guaranty period. Here are few tips on ceiling fan service, repair, or installation. Make the work part completely safe by placing protective clothes or papers behind in the area that the work will be performed. Double-check the installation place with the owner before starting any drilling or placement of the unit. Turn the power in the area of the service, repair, or installation off for maximum safety. Confirm that the circuit breaker is properly sized for the unit being installed. Now one can proceed with the assembling or reassembling and finish installing the new or previous ceiling fan. Turn the electricity back on. Test the fans operational functionality and stability the fan blades. Finally, leave the work area cleaner.
Use experts for help:
Call the expert if it is not possible to repair at home. There are many award-winning technicians who can help by coming at the residence. He or she will estimate the situation and give an approximation for any type of ceiling fan one might like.
Help yourself:
Once a fan does not work at all, be sure it is receiving electrical power from its switch and from the circuit breaker or fuse box. At first check the circuit breaker or fuse, then the switch. Here is the way to check the switch. Turn off the power to the fan circuit and remove the switch's cover plate and remove the screws that mount the switch to electrical box. Use a voltage tester to verify the screw terminals on the side of the switch to make sure they are not hot and then gently pull the switch out from the box. Unscrew the wires from the two terminals and flatten their ends with a pair of pliers. Twist the two exposed ends together and screw a wire nut onto the twisted pair. Turn the circuit back on. If the fan goes on, the switch is to be change. If the fan still does not work, the problem is in the wiring or the fixture.

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