Ceiling Fan Motors

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The ceiling fans are one of the most useful and one of the simplest home appliances used in all households. The ceiling fans have several small parts that have co-ordinated movements and operations. Some of the major components of a ceiling fan are the blades, the junction box, the pipe and the motor. The motor is arguably one of the most important parts of the ceiling fan because it powers the fan and runs it.

Motor Mechanism

The ceiling fan is powered by a simple electric motor, which is similar to those used in washing machines, pumps and ovens. The fundamental principle of the electric motor in the ceiling fans is the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. A ceiling fan comprises of an electric motor, which works mainly on electromagnetism. The ceiling fan motors are usually categorized as rotary motors but some of the motors are also linear motors. The rotary motor consists of a rotor and a stator. The rotor, as the name suggests, rotates due to the specific arrangement of the magnetic field as well as the wires. This peculiar arrangement results in the creation of a torque around the axis of the rotor. The motor also consists of electromagnets, which are coiled on a frame. As the coil is powered the armature in the motor has a magnetic field generated around it.

The magnetic field that is generated causes the left side to be pushed to the right magnet while the right side is drawn away from the right magnet and is drawn to the left magnet. In this way, the action of rotation is produced and the blades of the fan turn around. These motors are equipped with heat-resistant technology that prevents the motor from overheating or breaking down. The fans consist of bearings that are essential for the precision of the motor. With tremendous improvement in the technology of the ceiling fan manufacturing, efficient and high-quality motors are being produced that can be used in ceiling fans. The motors are the most important feature of the ceiling fans and need to be of the highest quality. The best indication of the proper working of the ceiling fan is that it lasts for several years without producing any sound.
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