Ceiling fan maintenance

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There is nothing more horrible than lying down to sleep, resting comfortably under ceiling fan and then all of the abrupt experience a buzzing noise. If someone is having this kind of trouble with ceiling fan, following are some recommendations for maintenance of the ceiling fan. If ceiling fan is operated while using a dimmer switch, it is likely that this is the cause of the buzzing. Another cause could be due to the fan speed control, trying to control a fan with many speeds. When shopping for a ceiling fan, make sure it has a three-way or four-way wall control. If one cannot tell how much of the buzzing is coming from the fan itself, then it is better to remove the wall switch and supply live power straight to the fan. This allows controlling the fan by the pull chain and determining if the sound was reduced altogether.  
Tips to keep the ceiling fan going:
Lots of people select ceiling fans that have a light fixture. While running the fan, over time it is possible that one of the glass covers for the light has turn out to be loose. Check each of the light covers to make sure none is clicking beside the light bulb in operation. If one use only fan on occasion, allow fan to run for 24 hours straight before trying anything else. When fans are not used for any length of time, the sound can be from the bearings that require to be lubricated. Run the fan, which will automatically lubricate the bearings. New fans will often have a buzzing noise until they have been operated for a few days.
Use good quality fan:
The reason is that the low grade of fan has a small motor and control standards that are lower in quality than other grades. In additional the fan is working harder, creating noise and possibly future problems.  If one tried all of these options but still have a buzzing or humming ceiling fan, one need to get in touch with the store where the ceiling was purchased or the manufacturer.
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