Causes of male infertility

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Infertility is not always the problem for woman even man contribute one third among the total infertility cases. The attribution of male infertility is not due to genital viruses like oral herbs and genital herbs. The tests through which male infertility can be known are semen analysis and post coital test. Mainly the male infertility is caused due to papilloma virus. This virus cause serious problem in women like ascus.

If the man is not capable to produce enough sperms then it forms a leading cause of infertility among man. If the sperm count is less then it forms the leading cause of infertility. If the shape of sperm is large or unusually shaped then there will be infertility. If the sperm of man is not living then can contribute to infertility. If the quality of sperm is not good concentration of sperm is not proper then it will result in infertility. Another cause is penile wart or vaginal wart. The test of infertility is not the absolute but it just gives an indication towards the problem. The test cannot determine sperms ability to locate and penetrate the egg. In some cases even poor sperm can result in pregnancy for woman. The HPA viruses cause infertility which is found in vaginal wart penile wart. In some cases the man has a fertility problem since his birth. There are some problems which a man faces later in life due to illness or injury. The disease cystic fibrosis can cause infertility among men.

Factors that increases the risk of infertility among man

The lifestyle of man affects the fertility among man. The factors that reduce the number and quality of sperm are intake of alcohol, drugs, smoking cigarettes and many other health problems. The toxins present in the environment like pesticides reduce the fertility among men. When man has some other health problem and he intake lot of medicine reduces the fertility in man. When the man undergone radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer. As the age of man increases then formation of sperm reduces which counts to infertility.

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