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The Car Seat  Support is a scientifically designed support cushion that acts as an add-on to the headrest of car seats. The car seat support offers firm support and promotes a relaxed posture improving driving comfort as well as car seat safety. There is whole world of options available in this field. Car seat supports have been personalised to the extent that they can be custom made according to the wish of the customer. For example,
there are car seat supports which have been designed to reduce the wear and tear of the back muscles. They also correct the posture and help in reducing pain. Again there are car seat supports which are designed on the basis of acupuncture science and act as a massager. Car seat support is also found especially for the thigh area which increases height and also relaxes the thigh muscles. Support is also available with thermo the advantage of an internal heater which when plugged in, provides heat and comfort during the winter time. This car seat support uses minimum power and does an effective job. Another form of car seat support is the neck pillow. These pillows provide support to the neck and head area and make long tenuous journeys, comfortable. The best thing about these options is that these seat supports are portable and light and can be use for any kind of travel, be it in a car, train or even an aeroplane. These pages aims to help individual car, van and lorry users manage their pain when driving and look at the car seat support options currently available on the market. Giving a clear over view so enabling users to make the right choices

We also aim to give professional drivers advice as well as providing tips for people with back pain. So, what is it that actually causes back pain in the car and requires people to purchase car seat support? Research has shown that there are possibly three factors that contribute to back pain whilst using a motor vehicle. 1. Posture when sitting. When we sit at home we have the freedom to find the most comfortable position or to ajust how we are sitting. We will get up from time to time and there are no restraints on bending and stretching. Also when driving there is the constant pressure of having to keep our arms and legs in roughly the same position. These factors alone can contribute to poor posture and although not particularly harmful over short distances the pressure can build up over time. 2. Car vibrations from the engine and road. Vibrations from the car particularly effect the lower back where spinal compression can occur over time which can cause drivers some discomfort. 3. The length of time spent in the car Driving long journeys, either for work of pleasure reasons means sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Out of the car, if a sitting position feels uncomfortable we can get up and move about, but not so easily when driving.

This means that the pressure being exerted on the back remains so for extended periods of time, thus causing addional pressure and pain So, what can you do to prevent back pain in the car? Think about taking regular breaks on each journey – the Highway Code recommends taking a break as often as every 15 minutes and although this might not be practical, try to take breaks more frequently than you are currently doing. When you do take a break it is important that you actually get out of the car and stretch your body. This will enable your aching muscles to refresh themselves and prepare for the next leg of the journey. Maintaining the correct posture when driving is essential and having the correct car seat support is a sure step to achieving this goal. By sitting incorrectly pressure is exerted on the spine which over time can become painful. There are a range of back supports on the market so be sure to do your research and find the one that meets your needs. And finally, spend some time getting to know how your car settings work.

This may sound obvious but many drivers have limited knowledge of the variety of of settings available such as tilt, higher and lower as well as forwards and backwards. By adjusting these settings only slightly you may very well be able to relieve pressure that over a long journey will develop into an irritating back pain.

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