Can You Turn Craft Beer into Craft Whiskey?

  Georgie  Hawthorne     July 5, 2021    1631


You probably know, and have definitely tasted, the revolutionizing new type of drinks to hit the wine shops, bars and pubs over the last few years, quickly becoming popular with the general public. Yes, we are talking about craft spirits, and their most famous beverage which is Craft Beer! Craft Beer in London and elsewhere around the world is made by small independent breweries who focus on a high quality product rather than quantity, and hence produce only a limited number of bottles per year. It is considered to be a truly artisan spirit, made using hand-picked high-quality ingredients by people who love beer and have a passion for their product.

It is well and good for something new to come into the market and take its place among consumers, but what a lot of people are asking is what’s next for Craft Beer in London?

Well, would you believe us if we told you that the next thing in craft beer, is actually Craft Whiskey? This is what the American craft beer lovers have been experimenting on over the years and have been successful in producing some quality craft whiskeys from beer. These are:

  • Two Lanterns American Whiskey – Sam Adam’s Boston Lager is distilled three times and aged using old Bourbon barrels.
  • Charbay’s R5 Lot No. 4 – The whiskey form of Charbay’s Race 5 IPA.
  • Dead Guy Whiskey – The whiskey version of Dead Guy Ale, using the same three malts that go into it.

It is no surprise that people are trying to make something new like whiskey out of Craft Beer, because in a true sense, it can be said that the lifecycle of a whiskey starts as a beer. While the main ingredients for beer includes water, malted barley, hops and yeast, the main ingredients for whiskey are all of the above, sans the hops.

Distilling whiskey from already made-to-drink Craft Beer is a very costly affair, to manufacture as well as for those hoping to buy and consume it, and the fact is that it is still mostly in an experimental stage where the right time period for distilling the whiskey is yet being tested. In the rare cases that a few bottles of this unique craft whiskey have been produced and brought into the market, they have been bought up so fast by craft spirit connoisseurs that hardly anyone else has had a chance to get their hands on them. So, the potential out there for such a product is huge, even with the higher cost, once the distilling process has been perfected and more and more distillers start to produce these craft whiskeys.

Making whiskey, as you can see is pretty much the same with just a few extra steps in the process, and being made out of Craft Beer, the whiskeys still carry the distinct flavours and aromas associated with the beer, thus creating another unique and exquisite experience for craft spirit lovers. Isn’t that what craft spirits are all about anyway?

Since beer is already in a drinkable form, the most likely alcohol you can distil from it is whiskey, certain distillers have also tried their hand at creating different kinds of alcoholic beverages from it, such as Gin, from Belgian wheat beer. However, this did not work out too well as it did not retain the flavours of the beer, unlike when distilling whiskey.

There is no doubt that very soon lovers of Craft Beer in London will also be wanting to taste this new and unique drink called craft whiskey, created form their favourite beer. Distillers will no doubt very soon experiment and create a unique tasting whiskey for those craft spirit lovers who would like to sample something a little stronger than beer. When this will be or how expensive such a bottle of craft whiskey will be, we do not know, but what we do know is that the future of craft spirits seems to have some very exciting new innovations coming, and everyone will be looking forward to learning what the possibilities are. Whatever it is though, you can be sure that it will be flavourful and aromatic, and will be something that will become very popular very soon among the public.

If you want to try your hand at distilling some craft whiskey at home and are looking for the ideal Craft Beer for it, why not search for Craft Beer near me, on your smart device and get it delivered right to your door? There are many online stores that provide home deliver of your favourite Craft spirits, and very soon we think that these will include craft whiskey as well. Until then, enjoy your Craft Beer in London!

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