Can The Rubber On A Motorcycle Tyre Go Out Of Date?

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While some people are concerned about replacing tyres that are only a year old, keep in mind that the rubber on a motorcycle tyre can last up to five years, depending on your riding style and mileage. Of course, tyres do tend to get worn out based on your usage, but checking on them regularly will save you the risk of accidents while riding. Thus, it is best to know when your tyres go out of date.

A major concern for freshly purchased tires is whether they are ‘new’ or ‘stale’, with the fear that a new collection of tires may have sat in a warehouse for years, like a discarded loaf of bread dumped into the back of a grocery store shelf. The problem is that these stored tires have corroded despite their pristine, fresh-out-of-the-wrapping condition. However, do not fear-motorcycle tyres are in no way similar to bread loaves, and because of the materials they have been manufactured with, let’s say that the tyres will last longer in storage than you would have expected.

Most tyre manufacturers suggest replacing motorcycle tyres after five years of use, and having tyres that are less than five years old is considered fresh to use. If you do see slight cracks or marks on the side of your tyres, these are minor signs of aging, and it is probably best to seek help from a professional.

The science behind tyres is worth the explanation – tyres are subjected to oxidation, where the materials react with oxygen in the atmosphere over time, making them hard and inelastic. The cracks and marks are visible proof of the oxidation stages that have occurred. Luckily for you, oxidation in motorcycle tyres is a very slow process, unless they have been kept in harsh storage conditions or are in constant contact with moisture. Nevertheless, it is best to keep track of them.

Motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka do not come with an expiration date like the canned goods you buy from the store, but thankfully, the date of manufacture is stamped on the sidewall of the rubber. Bike tyres online come with specifications, so you won't have to second-guess yourself if you buy them. It is, however, best to remember the five-year timeline from the date of manufacture.

Keeping your tyres away for storage can also affect their lifespan. They are vulnerable to deflation during storage due to temperature and pressure loss, just as they are during use due to the same factors. On that account, whether you are constantly using your motorcycle tyres or not – it does not matter.

Make it a habit to check your own tyres, if you want to save the cost and energy of using a professional’s help. Examine the wears and side cracks to see if they round off nicely or if chunks are being lost. Are your tyres losing colour or are they fresh as a daisy? Have you been using your tyres more often than you can remember, or were they stored for a long period of time? All factors must be considered before you can make any decision.

Going for replacements after a five-year period is a must, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to the same old brand you purchased five years ago. You may be tempted to go for the same type of motorcycle tyres, because of its usability and durability, but that is highly discouraged according to the professional’s view. Products do get an upgrade over time; therefore, it is crucial to rethink about the type of tyres you want to go for, and probably high time for a change.

Quality motorcycle tyres help your bike run longer, faster, and smoother, but if a flaw or incorrect tyre inflation goes unnoticed, they can make life on the road a little riskier and rockier. Hence, while fresh versus stale goods have little impact on tire quality, other factors do. Rather than the underlying fear that your tyre is as stale as the loaf of bread on your counter, these considerations will certainly flatten the curve of your risks.


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