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Kindle Fire is the latest buzz, which has created a lot of excitement among people who possess a passion for book reading. This super fabulous e-book reader is a multi faceted device, which is integrated with distinctive features to proffer to the users. The Kindle Fire is a slim and handy electronic chic device which has an edge over other available tablets, considering its speedy performance. To buy Kindle Fire will certainly be a cost-efficient proposition for the buyer, as it offers ample features which are there in other expensive devices available in the market at a much elevated cost, as compared to Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire indeed would be an expedient and reasonable tablet which is user friendly and stands far ahead as compared to other fancy brands offering a lot similar attributes.


As far as the dimensions of Kindle fire are concerned, it is 7.44 in. (189 mm) long, 4.72 in. (120 mm) wide, and 0.45 in. (11.5 mm) thick and offers a 7 in. (178 mm) multi-touch color display. The kindle Fire e-book is light as it weighs only 14.1 ounces (400 grams) which makes it easy to get accommodated in a pocket or in a handbag. Kindle Fire not just only facilitates reading, which a basic kindle is designed for, but rather has multiple features to offer to its user, like one can watch videos, listen to music and can be connected to the internet anytime. The battery backup is commendable which can last for nine constant hours. As far as storage is concerned, Kindle fire is integrated with an 8 GB internal SD card, out of which 5.5 GB is retained for user. Unlimited free cloud storage is also available with Kindle Fire and user can accommodate all his downloaded files, imported files, documents, personal photos and videos in one place. This content can also be accessed by the user from any alternative portable device.


Kindle Fire comes with an innovative technology, known as Whisper sync technology, which helps the user to reach that part of the content where the user last left reading and routinely saves data in all their game circles, books and movies. This varied feature allows players to share the earned scores with a group of friends and leader boards to the cloud memory, which will preserve the user content and can be transferred, in case the user swaps it with other kindle model. Kindle Fire is also integrated with a different feature which comes with no cost, known as free time, which is specially designed for families to set up their profiles. It is easy to use for children and allows the parents to set limits for various applications, which can be time bound as well. Kindle fire proffers a wide range of entertainment opportunities for the users to choose from an extensive library offering 1.2 million books, 500 and over magazines, 20 million songs, 120 million TV shows, which can be purchased by the user and can be downloaded free in the cloud post purchase.


Overall, Kindle Fire is an amazing tablet which comes to cost efficacy, packed with extensive special features. Kindle Fire is a good substitute, as compared to all those high price tags attached brand tablets. This innovate Kindle is certainly a must possess gadget, offering lot of exciting and great attributes.

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