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Outsourcing is widely practiced by various corporations these days. In fact, many of the top outsourcing companies currently in operation serve major institutions and entities by undertaking certain business processes previously done by internal groups within that entity. BPO companies have help in at least two ways. First, they minimize cost for the corporation they work for. And second, they increase the productivity and quality of the work outsourced. This is because of several reasons – the business process expertise, the focus of the provider on the outsourced process, and potentially more qualified and experienced personnel performing the same jobs. Mostly, BPO jobs involve agents who interact with clients via phone (thus, BPO became almost synonymous with the term “call center”). However, BPO also covers other types of tasks such as data entry, accounting, payment processing, etc.

Customers and Business Process

There are many classifications of BPO services looked for by corporations worldwide. One of these is customer care outsourcing. This involves catering to the needs of the clients of the corporations. Most of the time, BPO service provider answer inquiries made regarding products and services offered by the corporation. However, there are also periods when customers would make complaints. In this case, the services provider must be deft and patient in handling these queries and complaints and they must provide the best possible solution to the problem (they are oriented beforehand in how to do this).

Banks and Outsourcing

Another common BPO service is commercial banking service. Part of financial services outsourcing, this involves servicing the business customers/ merchants customers of banks or other financial entities. Like customer care outsourcing, some of the services require interaction with the entities clients via phone or internet and it is their job to make sure that the customer (typically another business) gets the services he or she is looking for. However, services could range from account maintenance, account reconciliation to exceptions & adjustments processing, document management and underwriting support.



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